Rhode Island South Filmmakers Group
Rhode Island South Filmmakers Group

According to an email being circulated this morning directly from Grant Petty, Black Magic has announced a drastic price cut on their BMCC camera. According to the email:

“We have worked very hard over the last year to be able to build the Blackmagic Cinema Camera at a lower cost so we can reduce the price and allow access to digital filming to a wide range of cinematographers and photographers.

We have done it and from today the Blackmagic Cinema Camera EF and MFT models will be reduced in price to US$1,995. This is very exciting and is one of the proudest moments of my life to be able to do this!

I think people will be able to use the savings to invest in some exciting lenses and rigs to really boost the creative possibilities. The Blackmagic Cinema Camera is a fantastic design that’s now well proven. The advantage of the 2.5K sensor is it has enough resolution to eliminate the bayer resolution loss of a HD sensor, but when shooting RAW it produces files that are too not to big to store and work with easily. It’s a fantastic solution.”

They will even be retroactively reducing the price on orders that have been placed and not yet filled. This is great news for independent filmmakers interested in shooting with a RAW capable, high dynamic range cinema camera.

Also, on the Black Magic Pocket Cinema Camera front, they also announced it is now shipping, although we’ve heard in very limited quantities at first.

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