Rhode Island South Filmmakers Group
Rhode Island South Filmmakers Group

The RISFG is dedicated to teaching, coordinating and facilitating film and video production in Southern RI.

Although the RISFG is based in Southern Rhode Island, it is open to any individuals from any state or location. Our primary focus and direction will be developed through the first month of operation, specifically at our first meeting on August 28th.

Our areas of focus will include:

  • Writing & Storytelling
  • Directing
  • Storyboard Creation
  • Acting
  • Cinematography
  • Sound Engineering & Design
  • Editing & Post Production
  • Funding Resources

About the RISFG

RISFG was formed by Chris Hunter in 2013. Chris is the owner of Collective Thought Media, a full service print, web, photo and video agency located in Newport, RI.

Additionally, the RISFG helps produce short films, documentaries, commercials, feature length films and music videos.

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